A safer, greener, prosperous and healthier Croydon

Ambitious plans to deliver a safer, greener, economically prosperous and healthier Croydon, where communities are offered the right support, in the right place, at the right time, have been approved by the council.

Cabinet members this week approved the Corporate Plan 2018-2022, which sets out the council’s key priorities and pledges for the next four years, how it will deliver them and how success will be measured. It covers ones of the most significant periods of transformation in the borough’s history, as Croydon’s £5.2bn regeneration gets well under way and it continues to evolve as London’s growth borough.

Building on the successes of the last four years, the council’s nine priority areas for action will include:

•         people living long, happy, healthy and independent lives
•         our young people thriving and reaching their full potential
•         delivering good decent homes, affordable to all
•         everyone feels safer in their street, their neighbourhood and their home
•         a cleaner and more sustainable environment
•         everyone having the opportunity to work and build their career
•         businesses move here and invest and our existing businesses grow
•         an excellent transport network that is safe, reliable and accessible to all
•         valuing the arts, culture, sports and activities.

The council will also continue its strong focus on safeguarding the most vulnerable Croydon residents and driving improvements to services for children and families.

The corporate plan outlines how the council will work with partners in the public services, the voluntary sector, businesses and local communities, to deliver this shared vision for the borough over the next four years. This will involve a more targeted, preventative approach, using detailed local knowledge to tailor services to the needs of individual communities.

“Our corporate plan for 2018-2022 differs from any before. It is more aspirational than ever, as it builds on solid foundations we have laid and significant changes we have achieved.

“The next four years represent one of the most significant periods of transformation in Croydon’s history – regeneration is well under way and next year, work is set to begin on our £1.4bn Westfield /Hammerson retail and leisure centre. For certain, the Croydon of 2022 will differ vastly to the Croydon of 2018.

“But as our ambitions are becoming a reality we want to ensure that Croydon grows into the place we want it to be – a place where everyone has a chance to access its many opportunities and residents of all ages thrive. This means making sure that we are making it easy for residents to access the services and support they need, when they need it, and we will be working in new and creative ways to deliver this.”

Councillor Tony Newman, leader of the council


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