A message from Councillor Hamida Ali, the leader of the council

I wanted to update you on our progress in renewing our council and becoming financially sustainable, so that we can deliver the good core services and value for money our residents expect. I’m pleased to share that in their latest updates published this week, both Croydon’s independent improvement panel and government have noted our significant progress, with the panel noting that we are on ‘the right track’. We have a long way to go, but it is encouraging that they recognise our determination and how much we have achieved. Importantly, they continue to demonstrate confidence in Croydon’s ability to make the changes we need to make. We are by no means complacent – there is still much to be done and we continue to drive forward our council’s improvement programme at pace. I will keep all of you – our residents, businesses and partners – informed and involved as we rebuild our council for the future. You can read the panel’s report and the government response here.
As we can all feel from the weather, winter is drawing closer and I want to encourage anyone in Croydon who is eligible for a Covid-19 vaccine and has not yet taken it up – whether that’s your first dose, second dose, or your winter booster – to do so. Covid-19 hasn’t gone away as you can see from our local incidence rate, so it’s vital that we all protect ourselves from becoming seriously ill if we do catch it. The vaccine remains our best way of doing this, so please if you still have questions, then now is the time to check the facts from a reliable source. Visit the NHS website for more information. If you are a parent with questions about the vaccine for your child, you can find out more here. Getting our young people vaccinated is important not only for their own health, and to prevent them missing school, but is also vital if we want to break the chains of transmission in our wider community. Even if you have been vaccinated, you can further reduce your risk of infection by continuing to follow the public health advice around regular hand washing, wearing a face covering in enclosed spaces and keeping your distance from others.
Have a great weekend – enjoy the Bonfire Night celebrations, remember to be considerate to others, and look after pets during fireworks.
Councillor Hamida Ali, leader of the council

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