A message from Councillor Hamida Ali, leader of the council

This week we have set out plans to get Croydon back on track and rebuild our council to deliver the good services and value for money our residents need and expect, while living within our means.

The challenges we face are real and we need to make considerable savings now and in next year’s budget. Put simply, we need to consider stopping some services and reducing others as we rebuild our council to be financially sustainable for the future.

Although we will be doing less, we will do it better, delivering quality core services where they have the biggest impact. For my administration this means clean, safe streets, protecting the most vulnerable residents, and tackling ingrained inequality and poverty – while delivering value for money for Croydon residents.

I know the changes we are proposing will impact all of you and there are some incredibly difficult decisions to make. That is why we will be carrying out a full public consultation with you – our residents, our staff and all of our partners – on our savings proposals before making a decision in February.

We will be sharing details of this consultation as soon as they are available – I hope you will all get involved as we do want your feedback and to hear any ideas you might have to help us make the savings we need to make. In the meantime, you can still get in touch with us at Croydonplan@Croydon.gov.uk.

But our focus cannot just be about savings – I am absolutely clear that we must manage the money that we have, better. As part of our renewal plans we will be embedding sound financial management and strong governance at every level of our organisation.

I also want us to become much more open and transparent and to work even more closely with all of you, the residents we serve. I am committed to keeping you informed and involved every step of the way.

Covid-19 update

Earlier this week the government announced that when national restrictions end at midnight on Tuesday, Croydon will move into Tier 2. You can find out more about what this means for you here.

I know many of you will be looking forward to some of the relative freedoms this will bring, such as the opportunity to meet with friends and family outdoors in groups of up to six.

It will also be good to welcome some of our businesses back as they reopen – the last few weeks have been incredibly tough for those who have been forced to close their doors again. Find out more about the support available for local businesses on our webpages.

However, please do remember that until midnight Tuesday, we are all still subject to national restrictions – you can check them here.  Even once we are in Tier 2, restrictions will still apply and it is important that we continue to be vigilant to continue to suppress the virus. We have all worked hard to get us where we are now and it’s really important we keep up the effort.

 White Ribbon Day

 This week we marked White Ribbon Day 2020 and as a council we have been working with local groups to support the 16 days of action to end violence against women. I understand how domestic violence can devastate the lives of survivors and their children. As a borough we have led the way in addressing the root causes and will continue to work with our partners across Croydon to do all we can to tackle it. If you – or someone you know – is facing domestic violence, they can seek help and advice from our amazing domestic violence services, the FJC.

Stay safe and have a restful weekend,

Councillor Hamida Ali, leader of the council

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