50th fly-tipping van seized in Don’t Mess with Croydon campaign

Croydon Council’s crackdown on fly-tipping has seen two more vans seized over the past weeks, bringing the total up to 50.

Officers swooped on the parked vans on Holmesdale Road on Friday 3 July and Northwood Road on Wednesday 15 July after both vehicles were linked to fly-tips across Croydon.

Footage shows the 50th vehicle reversing into a site on Harrington Road, South Norwood, and dumping rubble, tarpaulins and other rubbish before driving off. It is thought to be linked to three fly-tips across Croydon.

After a vehicle is seized the team contact the owner who has a month to respond or come forward. If they do and are responsible for fly-tipping related offences they may face an unlimited fine. If they do not come forward the vehicle will be crushed.

Don’t Mess with Croydon – Take Pride launched six years ago in an effort to clampdown on illegal fly-tipping in the borough. It has also seen hundreds of fines issued for littering and hundreds of Street Champions organise litter picks in their local communities.

If convicted by a court, fly-tippers face an unlimited fine, criminal behaviour orders, property forfeiture and – in the most serious cases – prison sentences.

“Fly-tipping is an offence that blights our communities and we will always seek the strongest penalties against the criminals who carry it out. Croydon leads the way in seizing vehicles associated with fly-tipping – each one we take makes it harder for these criminals and we will keep doing everything we can to bring them to justice.”

Councillor Stuart Collins, deputy leader – Clean Green Croydon

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